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Medicare Basics

By Mark Eggen | September 27, 2020

This is a pretty good video from the “Medicare Made Clear” series that I frequently post.  It covers some information that is not too different from information I cover, when meeting someone for an initial consultation.  This is especially true for those “new to Medicare.”  The video covers basic explanations of the different “parts” of…

Deciding to sign up for Medicare Part B

By Mark Eggen | September 14, 2020

This is an issue I deal with constantly. Most people should enroll in Medicare Part B, while some will automatically be enrolled. The penalty for not Having Part B, if you or a spouse do not have employer provided insurance is huge. ENROLLING In Medicare Part B is required in order to also enroll in…

Medicare Part C Basics

By Mark Eggen | September 14, 2020

This article points out some information that is very basic, but often misunderstood, about Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage). Through education, we try to help people understand the advantages as well as the disadvantages for different types of insurance. Although there are valid reasons for the different types, many often choose a less appropriate plan…

Low-dose aspirin not advised for heart-healthy people

By Mark Eggen | September 14, 2020

Mark and Alisa represent most of the top Medicare Insurance carriers available for residents of Washington State. Some of those carriers publish articles relevant to Medicare Beneficiaries. We will post a few here and there, especially if they are related to topics we receive questions about. Always ask your Medical Professionals about treatment options appropriate…

New CMS Model will Reduce Out-of-Pocket Costs for Insulin to $35 for Medicare Part D Beneficiaries

By Mark Eggen | September 14, 2020

The proposals in this announcement should also apply to anyone who get’s their prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D) through certain Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C). Since this announcement from CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) affects 2021 plans, I should get plan specific information soon regarding the details. That information can…

How to get Medicare Coverage if you’re 65 or older and you lose your job

By Mark Eggen | September 14, 2020

This is a good article covering basic information. It does leave out any mention of low income individuals who qualify for Extra Help and payment of the Part B premiums. It also misses out on special considerations for those that are eligible for VA coverage or those who retired from the military and have access…

Seniors S19 E08: “What is Medicare & Medicaid?” – PBS, Nov 19, 2019

By Mark Eggen | September 14, 2020

Here’s a video of an interview Mark conducted last fall on one of our local PBS TV channels explaining some of the services Delphi Insurance Solutions provides. Enjoy!  

Welcome to Delphi Insurance Solutions!

As highly trained and experienced Local Agents, we will always keep our customers informed and encourage them to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or problems. Knowledge is powerful, so we do our best to provide the most up to date information for both prospects and clients. We work hard to build trust, respect, and confidence with everyone we work with. We will not rest on our laurels! Once we help our prospects find an appropriate plan, our mission is to continue to provide them with information, assistance, and guidance on a long term basis.

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Our Partners - for a reason

When building our portfolio at Delphi, we decided to be selective with the companies we would represent. We only wanted the top companies that were innovative, offered quality plans at competitive rates, had good customer service, were financially stable, had strong networks, and were widely available for our prospective clients. This still stands today, as we believe that a strong and healthy partnership translates to better products, services, and quality for our clients.

Don't get caught in the Medicare Maze.

Understanding what types of insurance options are available can be difficult and so can sorting through all the various choices in plans. We apply our expertise in the industry and local experience to help simplify those choices.

Join our network!

Once you become our clients, and we become your agents, you automatically become part of our little family. We have also worked hard to build a network of businesses in the area who provide additional services that might benefit our customers. If we do not provide a service, we may know someone who does!

We're looking forward to getting to know you!

Here at Delphi Insurance Solutions, we're family-owned and operated - so we understand and fully elevate the importance of tailoring your insurance for you and your family. We think it’s equally important to understand our local communities throughout Washington, so that we are familiar with doctor networks, local trends, changes to laws and regulations, as well as changes to individual insurance carrier’s specific features, advantages, and benefits. Together, Local Agents Mark and Alisa Eggen have provided consultation to people in various industries for over 25 years.

A little more about Mark

Born and raised in Kalamazoo, MI, Mark was brought to Bremerton Washington by the Navy in '87.  After six years as an Electronic Technician (4 1/2 in Bremerton), he relocated to Port Orchard, WA, before moving to Lacey/Olympia in 2010.

Mark began his post-Navy carrier in various industries requiring detailed consultations for consumers and business owners (consumer lending, financial services, small business consulting and insurance).  As an Electronic Technician in the Navy, his greatest skill was in diagnostics.  He now enjoys using those same critical thinking skills to solve problems and create solutions for people.  In 2014, Mark began specializing in Medicare Insurance, which remains his primary focus today.  Mark strives to maintain a high level of expertise with all aspects of the Medicare industry, just as he took pride being a product expert and source of information in previous ventures.

His top priority in meeting a new prospective client is to educate them on what to expect with Medicare and to begin understanding the prospect's specific needs.  Using his knowledge of insurance options and plan choices, Mark will tailor a recommendation based on what’s important to YOU so that it meets or exceeds your needs.  He wants his clients capable of making a well informed decision in selecting a plan and to have full confidence in taking advantage of plan benefits, once enrolled.   Choosing a plan can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be.  He will help simply your choices!

Once Mark has helped a prospect enroll in a Medicare Plan, that prospect becomes his Client.  Mark believes in assisting his clients with any questions or concerns they have - indefinitely.  As your Local Agent, Mark always makes himself available should a need arise, and he will always provide personal concierge services!

A little more about Alisa

Alisa was born and raised in California, before moving to Washington.  YES, she's one of "those."  She spent her more recent years in Gig Harbor, where she owned and operated a Scrap Book store.  She eventually relocated to Olympia in 2010.

An insulin-dependent diabetic since age 11, Alisa has experienced for herself many years of confusion and frustration dealing with insurance companies. She turned her frustrations into motivation to get licensed in health insurance and chose to place her primary focus in the Medicare market, joining her husband Mark. Alisa’s primary focus is to first gain a complete understanding of the needs of her clients. She’s spent the past several years researching the Medicare industry, plan options, and local peculiarities so that she can provide her clients with the most appropriate information based on their needs and location. Alisa applies her genuine empathy for the natural frustrations people feel, both during the insurance selection process and while assisting customers with their needs after enrollment. She will leverage the advantages of large companies, while giving you the personal service you would expect from a Local Agent.

Alisa enjoys educating the people she meets.  By helping simplify your choices, she hopes to ensure her prospective clients have a better understand of what's available.  Her clients can then more effectively utilize plan benefits once enrolled.  Her knowledge and experience allows her to quickly identify the source of problems or potential solutions for a wide variety of clients and situations.  Being a Medicare Specialist has become the most rewarding career she's had, largely due to the amazing people she meets and is able to help.  You'll always get her full attention and effort!  Alisa's clients genuinely love her as much as she appreciates them!


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