How to get Medicare Coverage if you’re 65 or older and you lose your job

This is a good article covering basic information. It does leave out any mention of low income individuals who qualify for Extra Help and payment of the Part B premiums. It also misses out on special considerations for those that are eligible for VA coverage or those who retired from the military and have access to TriCare. Many things must be considered, which is part of what we do. I will add that many turning 65 will not delay adding additional coverage due to employment unpredictability, while others don’t realize the short window of opportunity to restore coverage should the unexpected happen. Many good points are mentioned, so this is a good read. Enjoy!

P.S. some of the information in this article are reasons that I encourage anyone aged 64 and up who have not enrolled in Medicare to call us for consultations. The information is free and there’s plenty of information to consider.