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At Delphi Insurance Solutions, Mark and Alisa have ONE primary product line:  Medicare.  That is our Specialty.  We wanted to create a trusted Agency where people of all types could come to receive wise and insightful counsel for Medicare Insurance and related services.  Working with Medicare Beneficiaries is a constant, full-time, year-round responsibility for us.  It's not a part-time, occasional topic that comes up during the annual enrollment period.

The benefit of working with such Specialist is that all of our research, experience, and knowledge has a single focus.  That allows Mark and Alisa to gain additional insight on plan choices, doctor networks, and peculiarities inherent to the Medicare industry.  We have additional training and experience with details related to each insurance carrier we represent along with Insurance Laws specific to Washington State.  Since all of our clients are Medicare Beneficiaries, we are able to develop a wider perspective to issues that come up more regularly, as well as having the resources to handle the out of the ordinary situation.  That's why our clients appreciate utilizing our expertise, and frequently refer us to their friends and family.  That is the best compliment we could receive.  If you would like to put our experience to use, click HERE to contact us.

Eggen family
Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Alisa Eggen

Senior Oracle/Executive Director


As a quick disclosure: this picture is not our back yard or remote office.  It's a picture of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and one of the only photo's on our website not personally taken by either one of us.  We would love to make the trip in order to get an epic "selfie," however.


Mark Eggen

Senior Oracle/Executive Director

Local and family owned

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Mark and Alisa try to spend time admiring the beautiful scenery all around them.  Their service area runs primarily up and down the I-5 corridor in Western Washington and neighboring Counties.   In-home consultations still make up a majority of their activities.  While traveling the back-country to meet with prospects or clients, they can't help but stop to take a few pictures.  There's not a single photograph on this website that's not personally taken by one of their phones or cameras.  At the bottom of this page, they will occasionally post various photos from their travels.  Some are taken, during their annual camping trip, others are taken in-between appointments.  New photos from recent travels are coming soon!!!  Wait until you see the amazing Mt St Helens photos.  It was a beautiful day, and the views were breathtaking.