Additional Services

Mark and Alisa specialize in Medicare Insurance, which represents a vast majority of their efforts.  There are some services that may be offered from time to time that compliment the needs of their clientele.  Below are a list of services that may be available now or in the future.

Not all of these supplemental insurance options listed below are currently available.  We are in the process of adding some of them, or reestablishing our appointments with various carriers.   If you have any specific questions on how a particular plan works, or on current availability, please contact us for more details.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

This is one of our most popular and affordable supplemental insurance plans.  While we make it available for our Medicare Beneficiaries, it is available for the entire family, or anyone else wanting added protection.  Here are the highlights of Hospital Indemnity Plans:

  • Provides a fixed daily cash benefit while you stay in the hospital, regardless of hospital fees.
  • Hospitalization benefits are predetermined and are paid regardless of any other insurance you have.
  • There are Hospital Indemnity Plan (HIP) choices – from basic to robust policies.
  • Coverage cost depends on your age and the coverage amount you choose.
  • Approval is guaranteed for eligible members without a physical exam requirement, even with preexisting conditions.
  • Cash benefits are tax-free and paid directly to you.

Stand-Alone Dental Insurance

Good dental health is important for many reason.  Poor dental health can lead to other health conditions.  Many of our Medicare Advantage plans have some level of coverage available.  A good stand-alone dental plan is a wise choice for anyone enrolled into a Medicare Supplement plan.  For those with dental reimbursements embedded in their Medicare Advantage plan, a stand-alone Dental Plan can pay first, with the reimbursement benefits used to pay what's left.  This may be helpful to those with major dental needs.

Stand-Alone Dental Insurance are available for ALL AGES.  Having Medicare Insurance is not necessary.

Final Expense Life Insurance

Life insurance helps take the burden off your loved ones.  Final Expense policies are designed for older clients and those who may not qualify for traditional life insurance.  They will have streamlined underwriting without the need for physical exams.  The policies are generally for lower amounts, such as between $2000-$40000, that help pay for burial expenses, medical bills, or any other expenses that come up.  We will generally deal with WHOLE LIFE policies, which have the same guarantees and "cash value" associated with any other Whole Life Insurance.

Referrals to Community Resources

There are numerous resources available for those in need.  Some Medicare Beneficiaries have unique needs.  We try to maintain a list of organizations that provide services that are helpful.  Some of these services are provided by professional organizations, non-profits, Governments, and even individual insurance carriers.  If you are in need of a particular service, or assistance, let us know.  We may either have people for you to reach out to, or can search our network for someone with information.

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