Medicare Resources

Medicare Appeals   MAXIMUS Federal Services is a group of experts on appeals.  Medicare hired MAXIMUS Federal Services to look at denied appeals and decide if the health plan made the right decision.  MAXIMUS Federal Services works for Medicare. MAXIMUS Federal Services does not work for the Medicare health plans.  Their job is to conduct fair and independent reviews.  They also help take care of Part D "late enrollment penalty" errors and a large number of issues related to Medicare Part A, B, and D, plus issues related to Durable Medicare Equipment (DME).    The above link includes contact information depending on what type of appeal is necessary.
***Special note:  As of February 1, 2021, Maximus is no longer the Part D QIC Contractor; therefore, they are not adjudicating new reconsideration requests received after January 31, 2021. Maximus will continue posting effectuation, case file submission information, and appeals received/decided for cases received before or on 01/31/21 until 03/31/21.  We will provide more information as it comes in, but I'm not sure anyone knows right now.  Stay tuned.

Extra Help   As explained in our "Low Income Assistance" page, Extra Help is a Low Income Subsidy (LIS) program that helps pay some of the costs associate with prescription drug co-pay, deductibles, and premiums associated with drug coverage.  It's administered by the Social Security Administration and the above link will take you to their page to complete the application.  Contact us for guidance or assistance in the "Ready to get started" section below.

Contact DSHS directly for question specifically related to Washington State's Medicare Savings Program, .   If you need any guidance dealing with them, you may contact us prior to contacting DSHS.  Be advised that we are not directly connected to this State Agency and can not over-turn their decisions, but we may be able to help determine if an appeal is warranted for the Medicare Savings Program applications.  We simply have a deep understand of how the programs work, who may qualify, and steps necessary to enroll.

Medicare's website can be used to gather additional information, as well as checking on your current Medicare coverage.  Although you may find some detailed information if you look hard enough, feel free to reach out to us for assistance.  We may know the answer you are looking for, if you don't find the specifics on our site feel free to contact us.  To get some information on the Medicare site, you may be required to create an account.

Dispatch Health is a great resource for people of ALL ages to get MOBILE Urgent Care.  It's a much better option for many who seek such care at either an Urgent Care Facility or the Emergency Room.  Instead of driving to the ER and waiting to be seen, you can call Dispatch Health to schedule a visit in your home.   You can avoid going out, while waiting in the comfort of your own home.

It's currently available for those living near Olympia (360) 200-8247, Tacoma (253) 652-0065, Seattle (425) 553-4740, and Spokane (509) 408-2108.  For those traveling, these services are available in various locations around the country too (follow their website link for specific locations in and out Washington) 1-888-908-0553.

More important links and contact information will be coming soon.  As we hear of common issues, we will add even more.

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