Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N has been popular since it was first introduced in 2010. Also called Medigap Plan N, this option was created for consumers who like the idea of paying a lower premium in exchange for taking on a small annual deductible and some copays (You will find that sometimes people refer to Plan N as Part N, but the proper term is Plan N. Medicare itself has Parts, but when you are referring to supplemental insurance, use the word Plans).

All Medicare supplement Plan N policies are the same, no matter which insurance company you choose. You can find Plan N available in many states from various well-know insurance companies.

In 2015, AHIP reported that Plan N enrollment grew by 33% between 2013 – 2014.

Medicare Supplement Plan N

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance and coverage for hospital benefits - $20 copay office visit, $50 copay ER

  • Medicare Part B coinsurance or copyament 

  • Blood (first 3 pints) 

  • Hospice care coinsurance or copayment 

  • Skilled Nursing Facility Care coinsurance 

  • Medicare Part A deductible

  • Medicare Part B deductible

  • Medicare Part B excess charges

  • Foreign Travel Emergency (up to plan limits)